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At Dehydrated Dining we want to help more people feel confident with using a dehydrator and making the most of the foods they dehydrated. This website is full of information about how to dehydrate food and what you can do with those foods. 

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About Becky Gradl, MPH, RD, LDN, CHES®

Becky Gradl is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Health Education Specialist.

She is passionate about cooking from scratch, food preservation, and gardening. She believes eating a healthy and balanced meal does not have to be tasteless. 

Becky had dabbled with dehydrating foods for years. As a dietitian and owner of a dehydrator, she was asked to create dehydrated meals for her boyfriend and his buddies for their inaugural backpacking trip to Colorado in 2021. After many test dehydrating runs and taste tests later, she took on the challenge to create a week’s worth of light weight dehydrated meals at a fraction of the cost of commercially available products.

Becky is now ready to share the secrets to successful dehydrating so you too can create your own dehydrated food, whether it is ultralight backpacking meals or making snacks for home. 

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